30 April 2016

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Pavan Duggal Associates has focused on the following key areas of legal scholarships involving cutting edge thought process.

  • #Cyber Law
  • #Cyber Security Law & Information Security
  • #Cyber crime Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights And Information Technology
  • Business Process Outsourcing And Information  Technology Enabled Services
  • #Mobile Law
  • #Electronic Discovery
  • #E-commerce Law
  • #Defence
  • #Biotech Law
  • #Nanotech Law
  • #Virtual Law
  • #Green Tech & Climate Change
  • #Commercial Practices and Other Allied Spheres
  • Compliances with local, national laws and international legal regimes
  • #Technology, Media and #Entertainment Law.
  • International Arbitration on Intellectual Property Compliance (cross-border disputes in jurisdictions internationally under a wide range of arbitral bodies)
  • #Intellectual Property #Landscaping (National as well International)
  • Technology and IP due diligence, licensing, portfolio management (including counseling, prosecution, litigation, dispute resolution, trade secrets and licensing transactions in patent, trademark and copyright matters.)
  • Data Protection and Legal Compliances
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution (This would be the addition in Litigation)
  • Competition Law
  • IT & Outsourcing
  • #Cybersecurity Compliance for IT and other companies
  • Mergers and Acquisitions including advice on legal and compliance components thereof.
  • IP asset management and protection strategies
  • Cyber and IP Insurance
  • Investment Analysis
  • Antitrust and Intellectual Property
  • IT Strategic Counseling and Portfolio Development and Technology Contracts

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – We specialize in matters relating to Intellectual Property Rights including Copyright, Trademarks, Patents & Trade Secrets and Information Technology. We are advising various corporations on their complex IPR matters in the context of the electronic medium.

BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING AND INFORMATION  TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICES  – We are providing legal services to entities who are engaged in Business Process Outsourcing and IT Enabled Services including call centers, back end operations, vetting and analysis of contracts, ensuring compliance with local laws for setting up local offices and setting up local operations and other related aspects.

COMMERCIAL PRACTICES AND OTHER ALLIED SPHERES–We do a lot of work relating to Commercial Law. Some of the areas in which we are working include the following: –

      • All kinds of Corporate Law and litigations.
      • Setting up Corporation of India.
      • Compliance with existing Law.
      • Arbitration and Mediation.
      • Commercial contracting.
      • Drafting of agreements and contracts.
      • Property Law.
      • Banking Matters.
      • Cable Television Laws.
      • Telecommunication Law.
      • Privacy Law